Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow in Texas!!!

I went hiking the day it snowed. On dry days I run this trail that now looks like a shallow creek. It's more scenic now than I've ever seen. I trekked down through the field in hiking boots I haven't worn in a long time to find this wintery spot. The snow was coming down so hard at times it felt like rain. And like rain the snow soaked me. It didn't help when the snow dumped on my head each time I put on my hood, which I had to remove to take pictures. But thanks to the oversized heavy coat I wore I stayed warm. 

The hard part about this hike was the return trip, not the cold. Forgetting that the snow would pull on my feet as I crunched through the snow downhill to the lower part of the land, not to mention I neglected the fact that my tripod and camera combination makes for a heavy outfit, I over did it. Downhill was one thing. Uphill was just plain agony. My calves are sore in places I've never been sore before. 

I'm a summer person. But I was excited to be out in the snow, in Texas no less, taking pictures.


Royse City, TX, United States
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