Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before the summer ends

Texas is hot and humid in summer.  We took a break from the heat and headed a little further east to a SP that promised lots of shade.  The cool water of the lake quenched our bodies, but the silt drove me crazy and all I could think about the smell it would leave on my feet.  It didn't.  After a short swim, we push our aluminum boat into the water and took a leisurely cruise along the bank of the lake.  It was beautiful, serene, except for my son who kept asking if he could get in the water.  We finally let him.  He hung to the back of the boat as our friend and my husband paddled on.  The tugging on the back of the boat took away the serenity, but added a great deal of laughter as the two men struggled to make headway against the tiny urchin dragging through the water added resistance on the boat.  

Here are a few images taken after we docked the boat.

The music is by my dear friend Heather's husband, Alex Campo.  


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