I photograph because I love images, mainly of people.
I love stories both visual and written. 
I prefer hard or soft cover books over eReaders,
but I own one.
I’m a chocoholic - no excuses.
Running invigorates me.
Arguing bores me.
Discussion fuels me.
People fascinate me.
I’m a morning and night person.
Midday I should sleep, but don’t.
I love the smell of darkroom chemicals.
The solitude of the darkroom is bonus.
I’m not much on social media - 
it distracts from reality
makes finding unicorns difficult.
I love coffee grown near cacao trees.
Honey is my sweetener of choice.
My husband makes me laugh.
My son is my everything.
My family’s support and love are all I need.
Photography is what I get to do.
Film photography is near and dear to my heart.
I strive to shoot digital like I shoot film
One frame at a time.

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